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Sonoff S31 is a 1 gang US standard wifi smart plug with energy monitoring. It lets you wireless control appliances on app/Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT.

Sonoff S31 - Compact Design Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring US Standard

Модель: IM180118100

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  • UL certificated – Secure and guaranteed
  • APP Remote Control – Manage electronic devices from anywhere
  • Power Consumption Monitoring (S31 Only) – Keep track of real-time power, current and voltage of your appliances and reports on APP
  • Historical Power Consumption Record (S31 Only) – Store 100 days of electricity usage data and total electricity cost
  • Overload Protection (S31 Only) – Set threshold value including power, current and voltage to ensure devices work securely
  • Sync Status – Provide real-time device status to your smartphone
  • Voice Control – Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to start a voice-controlled home
  • Timing Function – Supports to set 8 scheduled/countdown timers for devices
  • Share Control – Share devices to control with your family together
  • Smart Scene – Simultaneously triggered on/off a crowd of devices via tapping once
  • Easy Installation – Plug and play
  • Compatibility – Works perfectly with IFTTT and Google Nest

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Обычная цена: 18,90 $

Special Price 16,90 $


Описание товара



SONOFF S31 is a compact and lightweight US standard Wi-Fi smart plug with power monitoring. Both S31 and S31 Lite are UL certificated, this means they reach the indispensable security and reliability standard that a smart plug must have. Note that power consumption and over-load protection are available for S31.

The smart plug lets you control home appliances via eWeLink APP anywhere, anytime. Also, third-party platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can seamlessly work with this plug for a voice-controlled home. The small size makes the smart plug will not occupy another outlet of your socket or power strip during, which reserves more space for other plugs. Convenient to use, plug and play. 

Bring a S31 home, keeping track of the real-time power, current and voltage of your home appliances via APP to view which one is power-hungry and power-saving. You can also measure electricity consumption for a specified period. Besides, Features over-load protection which allows you to set the power, current and voltage value for your appliances, and this smart plug will automatically turn off connected devices in case of reaching any one of the set value. S31 provides you 100 days of historical power consumption data record (support to export) and monthly electricity bill forecast. Monitor and understand which appliances are consuming most, then create scheduled or countdown timers to keep your electricity bill down. For other features like smart scene, sync status, share control, these are the same as S20 smart plug.


  • Turn on/off connected device wirelessly anywhere anytime
  • Provide real-time power/current/voltage of your appliances (S31 Only)
  • Provide 100 day historical power consumption data and electric bill (S31 Only)
  • Set limited power/current/voltage value to auto-off, protect from overload (S31 Only)
  • Device status synchronously display on your phone
  • Support Max 8 enabled scheduled/countdown timing tasks
  • Share Control with your family
  • Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap
  • Works with Google Home, Google Nest
  • Works with IFTTT


  • Max. Current: 15A
  • Voltage Input: 120V AC 60HZ
  • Wireless Standard: 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n
  • Receive Sensitivity: 802.11b: <-84dBm(11Mbps); 802.11g: <-68dBm(54Mbps)
  • Output Power: 802.11b:16±2dBm; 802.11g:13±2dBm
  • Security Mechanism: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Encryption: AES/TKIP
  • Working Temp: -20 °C ~ 75 °C
  • Working Humidity: 10%-80%
  • Product Dimensions: 75.7x39.7x32mm
  • Gang: 1
  • Weight: 135g
  • Certification: FCC Certification , UL Certification

Дополнительная информация

Дополнительная информация

Вес 135 г
Discontinued Нет
Модуль IM180118100
Ссылка на Wiki Нет
Работает с Google Nest Да
Работает с Amazon Alexa Да
Работает с Google Home Да
Поддержка EWeLink Да


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